How to play

You may or may not build LEGO by the book.
But when you rent LEGO, there are some rules of the game that you have to take into account.

A set can be rented for at least a week.
When ordering, we ask for some personal information. These details will not be passed on to third parties.
An e-mail is sent out in which we indicate the rental period, the set and the price. So there are no surprises afterwards!

It only starts with the receipt of the set (or delivery to your home or to a DPD Pickup Shop) and ends with the handover by you to DPD, so you can make full use of the rental period.

Ship and return

All our sets are shipped directly to your home.
The sets are shipped with DPD. A return slip from DPD will be enclosed for the return shipment, making it free of charge for you. A tracking code will be sent to you by e-mail after handing over to DPD.
The sets are disassembled and sorted into plastic boxes that can be used for storage during the rental period.

As shipment does not always go as planned, there are two simple rules:

  • Did you receive the set before your rental period started? Then we will not adjust anything, you will get extra building fun, just for free.
  • Did you receive the set after the start of your hire period due to a delay? Then we will automatically extend the hire period by the length of the delay.

We charge a small fee per reservation for sending the set (return shipment):

  • Belgium: € 10
  • Netherlands: € 12.50
  • Germany: € 12.50
  • Luxembourg: € 12.50
  • France: € 15

Only in Belgium the set can be delivered the day after a reservation.

Count 2 to 3 working days for other countries.

The building instructions are an essential part of every set.
You get them with every LEGO® set.

The sets must be completely dismantled for return shipment:

  • Bricks neatly dismantled
  • Bricks – as well as possible – sorted by colour in the grip bags
  • Stickers must not be removed
  • Minifigures are not dismantled

Always use your hands or a Brick-separator to separate the bricks. Never use a knife or other sharp object, this will damage the bricks.

Individual bricks can always get lost, we are aware of that. That is why we are generally very generous and do not charge you for missing bricks.
However, to protect us against abuse, we have arranged in our terms and conditions that the loss of up to 30 bricks is covered and therefore free of charge to you.

Don’t want to take the set apart yourself? No problem, we will do that for you. In exchange, we ask 50 €.

Add the dismantle fee.

When shipped

When all the grip bags are in the box, secure the box with the colson straps and stick the return label on the lid.
Return the set to a shipping point on the last day of rental.

Oops, I’m not finished!

You are not finished building and want to extend the rental period?
Contact us before the end of the rental period and if possible, we’ll extend the rental period.

We do our utmost to keep our sets complete.
However, it may happen that you cannot find a brick while building.

If you cannot locate a brick, it is usually perfectly possible to continue building.
Nevertheless, it is not excluded that an essential brick is missing.

In either case, please send an e-mail to
Include the number of the missing brick in your e-mail.
You will find all numbers on the last pages of the building instructions.

If essential bricks are missing, they will be sent to you and the rental period will be extended.

We clean the sets at regular intervals. by doing so, it can very occasionally happen that small drop-like water spots are formed on the bricks, but these are only really visible on black areas.